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What is the RL-31 tax slip for ?

The RL-31 slip is used by landlords to inform Revenu Quebec about this specific type of income. At the same time, information from this tax slip is used by tenants (or sub-tenants) who request the Solidarity tax credit through their provincial annual tax filing.

As a landlord, what should I do ?

A RL-31 slip should be produced by anyone who owns a residential building. , and has leased a part (or all) of it on December 31st of the given year (when filing your 2016 taxes, December 31st 2016 is the target date).

This information should be transmitted by February 28th at the latest to your tenants, as well as Revenu Quebec.

Eco-friendly tip: prepare them online! If you decide to send it to your tenants by e-mail, make sure to have their written consent (an e-mail written consent works, too!).

As a tenant, what should I do ?

Nothing special. Just wait for your landlord to send you the document, and follow instructions on your tax declaration forms to figure out which numbers to copy from one form to the other (or just send over the RL-31 to your account, if that’s your situation). Then, store it with your tax documents.

What should I do if my landlord did not send me the RL-31 on time?

First, contact your landord to make sure the document hasn’t been mailed. If you cannot reach your landlord and no information is given to you regarding the RL-31 slip, you can call Revenu Quebec to submit a complaint.

Note however that landlords should be just as motivated as you to send their RL-31 slips, because not doing so will result in fees from Revenu Quebec.


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